Sengoku Basara (Dub)

Sengoku Basara (Dub)

Apr. 01, 2009
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During the Sengoku period, there are many factions constantly at war. One of these is led by a one-eyed man named Date Masamune and another by the imposing Takeda Shingen. The latter has a fiercely loyal subordinate named Sanada Yukimura who goes head to head against Date Masamune multiple times, but the battles between them tend to get interrupted. One such battle occurs when both men try to go after another leader named Imagawa, and they’re forced to break off their heated duel when Imagawa attempts to flee the scene with his body doubles. Yukimura and Masamune go after separate Imagawas, but all of the doubles are killed by a third party, and when their paths cross again, they are in front of the menacing Oda Nobunaga and his army. It was Nobunaga’s subordinates that killed those body doubles, and Nobunaga himself proceeds to kill the real Imagawa with a shotgun blast to the head.

In the age of the Warring Countries, Japan was fragmented in semi-independent provinces, governed by feudal lords or daimyo, who confronted each other in an endless struggle for power. Ambitious daimyos from every corner of the Archipelago had shouted their battle cry. They were Takeda Shingen from Kai, Sanada Yukimura, Uesugi Kenshin from Echigo, Azai Nagamasa from Omi, Tokugawa Ieyasu from Mikawa, and many more… Those were days of unrest and chaos. As war spread throughout the country, the map of power underwent rapid and dramatic changes. In this never-ending conflict, one man finally seemed to be just one step from establishing total control over the country. He was the lord of Owari, the Sixth Heavenly Devil King. His name was Oda Nobunaga. But now, a young general clad in azure makes his unexpected appearance in this confused scenario, heading a huge army of cavalrymen from the Northern provinces. He is known as Date Masamune, the One-Eyed Dragon. And he is coming for Oda Nobunaga’s head, and for ultimate supremacy!
Sengoku Basara (Dub)
Sengoku Basara (Dub)
Original title 戦国BASARA
TMDb Rating 7 4 votes
First air date Apr. 01, 2009
Last air date Sep. 21, 2014
Seasons 3
Episodes 38
Average Duration 25 minutes

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